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Vessels Detainment

As the case of fishing vessels detained by coastal states not only result in the loss of the freedom of the crews and property and creating social problems but also damage the national image. To reduce the impact of vessel detainment, this Council is commissioned by the government to assist boat owners in handling the case of fisheries disputes including fishing vessels arrested by foreign authority.

According to the request from the owners of vessels detained as well as the direction from the government, this Council will provides legal and financial assistance to fishermen and fishing vessels, particularly in case of detention of fishing boats by foreign authorities, in consultation, facts finding, negotiations and settlements of fisheries disputes for timely repatriation of the crews and the vessels.

According to the statistics collected by this Council, the most reasons for the detention of Taiwan fishing vessels were included fishing in the waters of foreign countries without licenses or permits, violating the terms of fishing license or agreement, and the hijacked by pirates or illegal forces. The statistics of vessel detention in the past three (3) years are shown as the follows:

Countries/Year 2013 2014 2015 Subtotal
Palau     1 1
Philippines 1   2 3
Solomon Islands 1     1
Japan 7 2 3 12
Federated States of Micronesia 1     1
Marshall Island     1 1
Russia 1     1
Total 11 2 7 20