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The OFDC was founded on November 30, 1989 , as a private, nonprofit organization endowed with funds donated by both the government and private sector. It is governed by a Board of Director which comprises 17-19 members including government officials, industry leaders and academics, with its chairman serving as the legal representative and presiding over Board meetings. The Board of Supervisors comprising 3-5 members is a watchdog body. The Board hires a president to be in charge of the actual operations in accordance with the resolution of the Board and the instructions from the chairman. Under the president, there are four divisions, Operation, Information, Administration and VMS division, responsible to carry out operations of fisheries cooperation, detention of fishing vessels, fisheries statistics, VMS, observer project and general administration. To supplement the work of its routine staff, the Council has established three committees, Fisheries Cooperation Committee, Dispute Solving and Legal Affairs Committee and Fisheries Information and International Organization Committee, which comprise Board members as well as outstanding experts and scholars in their respective fields for rendering assistance in special cases of need.